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Power of the Immigrant 2 by Jacqui Wang

We have all came here
With our wet backs bearing burdens
From the rubbles, size of pebbles
Past pieces held for eternity, past down till eternity

Remnant pebbles
Of our fortresses crumbled
By uncle sam’s handle
On what was ours

your subversions to invade were said with good intentions
calling us brother
then leaving ur brothers, motherless, hopeless
Raping terrains not yours to begin wid
Plucking out girls, like each crop plucked
Full outa luck, breaking
In our own homes.
Torn goodbyes to the mother who bore us our own soul

Left to
recollect our remnant pebbles
and bring them over
In our duffle bags and luggage packs
Clenching tight, this is our only worth of existence
In a place yoo call us alien immigrants.
Our reminiscents of the a home that once called us their children

We all came here
With our heavy bags, just wanting to be free
We are nothing more than a spare of hands and feet
You said we’d reach freedom this time
But most of us still live in poverty
We are poor in value to them
We mean nothing more
Than the scraps left over from minimum wage
Depleting diplomas on graduation day
Upscalin statistics
Admissions Barred institutions, grappling the little we have left
The scraps left over from minimum wage.

Foreign immigrant,
My father was only human when he got his green visa.
Oma and apa spent weeks memorizing repetitively
Empty words of the citizeship test
Passed and still illegitimate
Still getting looked upon as
Mr. China Man. Go back to china man.
When oma and apa spent more years
Here in the states
Than the little 16 year old not yet to be man
Was telling them to go back to our land.
When he shouldve been lookin around

If he’d be lookin around he wulda seen
your land is
Filling with us aliens.

Look around, we’re
Filling up your streets
With colored faces

See you had us lost.
Thinking we were tagged first foreign

Remind me

Remind me
Who came to who first.
Who stepped in whose first.
Who was it that poured opium into China, pryed open legs of the Philippines, bombed Hiroshima, funded genocide of Cambodia, Iraq, El Salvador.
Shipped slaves from Afrika to coolies all over East Asia.
Who came to who first

Answer me
Answer me then tell me.
How you want to deport me