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Khristine Manalang

Hello, my name is Khristine Manalang. I participate in the Young Artists At Work program within the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. My hobbies are to play video games, read, draw, listen to music, browse the internet, and write. As such most of my art works are stylized after the Japanese comics called manga, or the character/design art that is featured in the video games I play. However, I do love a sense of realism within my art, so I stay within the lines of semi-realistic in my pieces. My dream is to become a video game character artist/designer within Japan, or at least become a manga artist and produce a comic of my own. I like to think that practice maces progress, rather than perfection; at the end of it all, perfection is in the long run, boring; I find constantly making improvements to be much more exciting. Art is a form of expression, a mirror of your own self being shown out to the world. So, it does not matter to me if others consider my art “odd” or “strange”–I would like to think that as another way of saying I am “unique.”


Raul Llamas

Hi, my nameis Raul Lammas. I work in the Young Artists At Work program at YBCA. My interests include playing video games, watching wrestling, and body building. I’m a Senior at Raoul Wallenberg High School. I am so glad to be graduating this year because I’m sick of school–not to be rude, but I can’t wait for the summer. After summer I will be attending the Art Institute of San Francisco for Game Art and Design. The idea of college excites me, not because of learning new things but because of the freedom I’ll have. The one thing I”m looking forward to the most is not having to wake up in the morning.

Fabiola Raygoza

Hello, my name is Fabiola Balza Raygoza. I was born and raised in San Francisco, California, on Mission St. I’m 17 years young and I’m Chicana. I go to Leadership High School. I’m a really mellow person and just like to have fun and chill. I love to read and draw. Drawing is a career I would like to pursue. My dream is to be a comic book artist. I think that would be heka fun. One of my biggest inspirations is my family and the kids in my neighborhood.

Elisa Nungaray

My name is Elisa Nungaray. I’m a student at Leadership High School. Like most teens my age, I’m 16. I’m proud of being what I am, Xicana, and born and raised here in SFC. I love nature and animals. Of course my favorite animal, which everyone knows, is cats!! I love being outside because by being inside you trap yourself and your ideas seem to be limited, but once you’re outside, your brain/thoughts/ideas flow. You find a whole lot of opportunities when you’re outside. I love art! I’m open to learning any kind of art, being film, drawing, photography…anything you throw in my way.

Alexa Gutierrez

My name is Alexa Gutierrez. I’m 16 years old, and I attend International Studies Academy. I’m a fun person to be around. Some don’t like me because I’m always doing the right thing. Sometimes I’m just fooling around. I love school, the things I learn. But some teachers could be a problem. My faborite subject would have to be math. What can I say, I love numbers. I also enjoy my work of art. This year I applied for the YAAW program and was impressed with the things we learned. I learned how to print, not only on paper but also on clothes and really thank the staff for teaching all they know.

Christian Guellermo

My name is Christian guillermo. I am 18 years old; I go to John O’Connell High School, and after that I’m going to be attending the Art Institute of California in SF. I’m a graffiti artist but also like to see myself as a vandalizer because that’s what it is. You’re creating and at the same time you’re destroying. I’ve been arrested for my actions before, and I’m paying for them today. Instead of getting into trouble, I try using my art talents into more positive things now. I’ve really changed my life around in the past year, and some people can’t believe how much I’ve accomplished.

Luis Hernandez

My name is Luis Hernandez. I’m 17 years old going on 18! I go to International Studies Academy, San Francisco. Born and raised in ‘Frisco, die hard Giants fan! I used to be in a lot of sports and love running and studying in shape. I like challenges and love when I complete them. I’m into graffiti art and just love it here in the City. I believe it’s a big aspect of ‘Frisco. I am a Young Artist At Work (YAAW) at Yerba Buena. I am personally a very understanding person and very appreciated. I love to help if I can and spread the peace.